The Congress Centre of Royal Hotel is surely a point of outstanding prestige and national fame for the various range of services, the type and capacity of the meeting halls, and the professionalism of the personnel working for years in a sector in a continuous evolution.



The sala Mediterranea

seats up to 230 people and has a sound room from where the audio system is controlled through fixed platform microphones, the pit radio microphones and the audio registration for the editing of official acts. 


The sala Atlantica

through an advanced system of moveable sound proofed panels, can be divided in halls with different capacities, such as the Sala Atlantica that with its platform and sound system can hold up to 120 guests.


The sala Nord

can hold till 30 seats , than a horseshoe shape seating 18  or school chair till 20 seats. Audio effect controlled by the platform.


The sala Adriatica

Adjacent to the Sala Atlantica there is the Sala Adriatica that can accommodate up to 16 guests around an imposing elliptical table and can eventually, if needed, be used as a secretary's office.


Our services:
• Wifi
• Video-projector
• laser pointers
• Flip-chart
• Mineral Water and writing materials
• Pc
• Hostess
• Secretary  services
• Microphone, radio-micophone and microphone with arc
We organize coffee break, light lunch, welcome coffee and business breakfast and Gala events

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